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5 Content Creation Strategies Your Hotel Marketing Can Use For Social Media

By now you know that word of mouth can be used by people to tell the story about your brand. Guests share these stories when they are memorable and remarkable to their lives. Being in hospitality, you’re in the business of making guests feel something positive. Sometimes you want them to feel an “out of this world experience” or as comfortable as possible on a business trip.

Your make them feel something, and social media can help you extend that feeling prior to them even arriving on your property.

Here are 5 strategies for making your life easier when creating content to delight a guest before they even book a room.

  1. Become your own media company. These days every business can be its own media company, using content as a gateway to establish a relationship with a potential guest. The content has to be of value for the audience, and it can serve as entertainment or be informative. Much like TV shows, the audience  will grow overtime if the quality is good and consistent.
  2. Have an editorial calendar. The best way to have consistency is to make an editorial calendar just as magazines and media companies do. Begin with the overarching goals of the company and the overall thematic. Make your social strategy match this. Then begin breaking it down into monthly goals and themes. Once you get about 1 week or so out, plan the actual content so it’s not thrown together last minute. Google Sheets or Calendars are helpful to plan out exactly what you want to say, when you want to say it, where you want to publish it (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and where the file lives for that info. It’s a tool that your team can review, all real-time. Then you can copy/paste into each medium. Understand that in social media, while everything needs to be agile, maintaining your overarching goals keeps a poweful brand consistency  Tip: Keep track of obscure (but socially popular) holidays so you can create content around this and capture visibility by using hashtags in a fitting way. Think #NationalDonutDay.
  3. Re-purposing content for different platforms. You don’t need to create new content all the time. You can re-purpose content in different forms or massage it to be slightly different. Select your recent, popular Instagram photos and turn them into a “top 10 photo” blog that can then be posted on Facebook. Take elements of a blog into tons of bite-sized evergreen content for lots of tweets overtime. Transcribe a video as a blog post and embed the video. This process is like the turkey at Thanksgiving: be strategic with your leftovers and they can be consumed for awhile.
  4. Ask all your staff for content. Every hotel staff member has a story to tell. The chef can take pictures of his favorite confections for Instagram. The bartender can take pictures of his drinks. They can also share the recipes on a blog post. The event coordinator can capture special moments. Build parameters and a process – so the marketing team receives these images – and make sure your staff is aware and incentivized. You might be surprised how many amateur photographers are within your walls.
  5. Make video content. Even if you don’t have a budget for professional videos every month, consider taking very short videos of the popular elements of your hotel – or the Hotelements. For example, a :15 second video of people paddle boarding on your lake. Or a :10 second video of a rocking chair on your veranda. Think of the elements that make your hotel your hotel. Note: While these videos can be good for Instagram and Twitter, stick to the highly professional ones for Facebook. Use ametuer videos with caution.

About Pigtail Media Pigtail Media specializes in social media marketing for hospitality, travel and entertainment brands. They build strategies, manage content and train teams, helping clients tame the massive beast of social media. Contact us to see how we can make your life easier.

About the Author: Joel Valle with Pigtail Media is a geek with more than 10 years of experience in Quality Control working with high-tech companies and 6 years of experience on media creation. He has blended both together, combining his knowledge of continuous improvement philosophies with his love for storytelling. He is an active member on the Public Relations Society of America and has seen Star Wars more than 100 times. Literally. 


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