You’re in good hands. Here’s why.

  • We believe in happiness

    You have a ridiculously cool experience and story to share (you know you do), and we’re here to tell the world about it. We want to make people feel happy every single time they interact with your brand on social media, and we’ll work with you closely to understand what truly makes your audience happy.

  • We have a big fat heart

    We actually care. For reals. Chat with us and we trust you’ll feel the difference. We built Pigtail Media so we could work with brands we truly care about.

  • We play nicely

    Already have a partial team but need that powerful social media piece? We don’t need to dominate the pig pen. We love being part of a team to make the full brand story come alive.

    Or … want the full marketing team instead? We can help you.

  • We let you zen out

    We have your back. Sit back and relax.

Let’s go make people fall in love with your brand.