Save Yourself Time And Money With Our New Program

We love working with boutique hotel properties because they are masters at providing unique and memorable experiences. The tiny details matter to them, just as they matter to us. We love being a digital touch point to remind users what it feels like to have that unique hotel experience.

It doesn’t feel like marketing to us. It feels like helping connect the dots between the incredible experience a hotel offers and the online experience people have through social media each day.

We know that boutique hotel properties absolutely need to be active in social media, yet sometimes they simply can’t afford hiring an agency to manage their social media each day. So instead, one manager wears a million hats, including the social media marketing one. No one can wear a million hats well.

We wanted to be able to offer something that provides great value each week, saving boutique hotel managers tons of time – in a financially feasible way.

Save yourself time and money with this new program:

We’re excited to now offer social media marketing evergreen content (delivered monthly) tailored to each boutique hotel property and its goals starting at $395/month.

Here’s what it’s all about…

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How do I pitch this to my boss?
Does your boss still not quite understand the importance of high-quality social media content or how much time it takes to create? Try sharing these ideas:

  • Not having an active social media presence comes off as dated – like not having a website (gasp!). Users expect social sites to be updated frequently and reflective of the high quality of your property. If your competitors aren’t already dominating in the social space, they likely will soon, and you have a killer opportunity to leave them in the dust.
  • Social media now spans generations; it isn’t just for the teens. US social network users are getting older; by 2020, 54.1% will be at least 35 years old. *
  • Show how much time you could save! Try timing yourself for a week and see how many hours it actually takes you to cultivate the perfect post each day, including the research to stay on top of the industry. Report those numbers and talk about what you could be focusing on instead. [Freshbooks has a free, easy-to-use timer.]

Our clients say this program saves them over 10 hrs / month – from the time it takes to cultivate clever content to researching targeted hashtags to staying up-to-date with the industry changes.

Just imagine what projects you could get done with an entire extra day each month!

That is something any boss can appreciate.

What exactly do I get?

You will receive a social media content calendar on the first of each month in an excel-like format with content for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Each post will be specifically created for each social medium, taking into account what works best in each.

It will have direct links to the photos for each post through a unique Dropbox folder.

It’s meant to take you 1 minute to post across all platforms with highly targeted content which fits your goals and specific branding.

Depending on the package you sign up for…

  • You’ll either be given 2 or 4 posts each week to use as evergreen social media content. This keeps your brand in the social media conversations and ranking higher in the algorithms.
  • You’ll receive a monthly check-in call so we can help provide social media strategic guidance.

Constantly trying to figure out what to say on social media? This fixes that.

How will this help me?

In short, it can save your sanity. And we feel that’s worth something.

You’ll have content delivered to you, specific and completely unique to your property, all with extremely clear instructions on exactly how to post (down to the spaces and researched hashtags).

We’ve been perfecting our processes over the years and have developed a system that should take you 1 minute to post extremely well crafted, strategic content.

You can quickly check off your social media to-do list … and dare we say, get off work early enough for happy hour!?

Our goal is to make your life easier, while still giving you the tools and content to be managing successful social media marketing for your hotel property.

Will this create more work for me?

No. The goal is to save you time. If you’re posting frequent content now, this will dramatically decrease the time you spend on social media.

How do you know what should be posted?

We spend 2 meetings to discuss your marketing objectives, branding story, and the experience you want guests to have on your property. We use that to tell the online story. One social media glove does not fit all, and we want to honor that.

Through clarifications and discussions with you in the beginning, we build content that is highly targeted.

How much does this cost me?

We have two pricing models, starting at $395/month. Please contact us for full options.

If you’re looking for someone to build your social media strategy, manage your content completely (answer questions, post real-time content, etc.) or train you or your staff, Pigtail Media also offers this!

Feel free to reach out with any questions. We’re here to help make your life easier.

About Pigtail Media: Pigtail Media specializes in social media marketing for hospitality, travel and entertainment brands. They build strategies, manage content and train teams, helping clients tame the massive beast of social media.  See what clients have said.


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